Rent our House as a Villa

If you are looking for a villa to host up to 18 people, with a panoramic location, large pool, and situated in the Umbrian Hills, then we are your place!!! 

Located just 10 km (7 miles) from the historic city of Assisi, we are nestled in the peaceful area of San Presto, just up from Monte Subasio National Park. Great place to get away from the crowds of people. 

Our villa consists of 1 double bed room, 1 triple (both ensuite), also 3 apartments, a 2 bedroom 2 bath, 2 bedroom 1 bath, and a one bedroom studio with bathroom and kitchenette.  For an extra fee, we can add another double room. The room is across the hall from our apartment, therefore shares the same entrance to the building. There is a large dining room with professional kitchen attached, as well as tables and chairs outside in the courtyard, facing the valley and Monte Subasio. 

Our pool is 7m x 14m and is  surrounded by rosemary on one side, and lavender on the other. The view from there is not to be missed. 

Situated on the property around the villa are areas where you can go for hikes, lay under our many fruit trees and read a book, meditate, or just take a nice nap. There is also a fitness area with a treadmill, rowing machine, and free weights, as well as a ping pong table near our small fish pond. 

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