Hiking in Umbria

Magnificent scenery makes the 'green heart of Italy' excellent walking, hiking, and mountaineering country. 

There is a hiking trail starting right here at the property. There is a little path guiding you up through the forest to a little plateau where you have a 180 degree view toward Monte Subasio, the Sibillini Mountains, Monte Cucco and the famous Gran Sasso.

Also close to us is the Parco Regionale del Monte Subasio with its dozens of different hiking trails. One of our favourite is the Ponte Marchetto Canyon Walk which starts at Pian delle Pieve only 5 minutes by car from us:

From Assisi you can go on a rather strenuous 60-minute hike up to the Eremo delle Carceri where St. Francis used to spend most of his time and where you can visit the monastery and the caves where St. Francis and other friars of his time lived. 

You can continue uphill to Sasso Piano with its panoramic views and to the top of Monte Subasio.

If you are looking for a 5-6 hour hike you can park the car in Assisi, hike from here to Spello (via the Eremo delle Carceri and Sasso Piano) and take the train back from Spello. We can almost guarantee that you will see wild horses on this hike.

Monte Cucco with its 1566 meters is located about an hour north from us, you would pass Gubbio on the way which is very much worth a visit or even just a gelato stopp. :-) Often you get a chance to see paragliders or hanggliders taking off from the starting point of the trail.
You can also visit the Grotta Monte Cucco, an impressive mountain cave discovered in 1551 and accessible to the public sind 2009.

A bit north of Perugia you can find the Parco di Monte Tezio which is 961 meters high and offers views from the central Apennine Mountains to the peak of Gran Sasso and the expanse of the Trasimeno Lake with its peaks separating it from Tuscany. 

We are constantly exploring more hiking options for you since the possibilities seem endless...

Cycling in Umbria

By mountain bike or road bike, Umbria is the perfect setting for excursions on two wheels: paths overlooking the lake or along the flowered plains and hills that offer views of beautiful landscapes. 

You can choose between routes for beginners, itineraries for well trained hobby cyclists as well as for proper cyclist pro's. We have detailed information to share with our guests, the following are just some examples to give you an idea.

- 26 kilometers in the Umbrian valley between Monte Subasio and Bevagna with 200 meters difference in height

- 41 kilometers in Umbria's most known wine region Montefalco where you can reward youself after the ride with a glass of 'Sagrantino' (400 meters difference in altitude)

- 52 kilometers around Gubbio and the foothills of the Parco del Monte Cucco with 1070 meters in difference in altitude

- 69 kilometers around the picturesque Trasimeno Lake with 450 meters difference in height

- 80 kilometers in the heart of the Sibillini Mountains, starting in Norcia and passing the highlands of Castelluccio at the foothills of 2.476 meters high Monte Vettore, the difference in altitude is 1900 meters

- 103 kilometers from famous Orvieto to Città della Pieve and back covering an altitude difference of 1600 meters

- 115 kilometers from spectacular Spoleto through the beautiful Valnerina valley, 2300 meters difference in altitude

For fans of MOUNTAINBIKING there are about 252 mountain biking trails for you to discover within the region of Umbria, have a look at a small selection: 

- 3.2 kilometers loop at the popular waterfalls Cascate delle Marmore near Terni with an elevation gain of 125 meters

- 51 kilometers along the old railroad from Spoleto to Norcia and back with an elevation gain of 1350 meters

Let us know if you have any specific questions about hiking or cycling, we are always happy to help.