Le Ginestre Cat Rescue

There was exactly one cat when we arrived here 7 years ago. We picked up 3 kittens from a shelter and thought that this would be a great balance: one/two dogs, four cats and a few chickens.

Little did we know that not only the surrounding neighbours would not feed or sterilize their cats but also that the word would travel that there is always food and good company here at Le Ginestre. So new stray cats showed up and as much as we were behind getting them all fixed, new kittens were born here and stayed obviously as well. Some cats were dumped or abandoned somewhere in the woods and found their way here, others were literally put in a box and placed in front of our doors.

Needless to say that we have a big heart and love for animals but it has gotten to a point where ther are simply too many, the costs for food and vet visits are high and we would love to find new homes for them, considering 2024 is our last season and who knows what is going to happen with them once we leave from here.

So please find a place in your heart to give them a new furever home. Have a look at the photos below, we also gave information about their character to make sure cat and new owner will be a good match and both happy.
While you enjoy your stay with us, you can get to know "your" cat, bond with it and take it home afterwards.

If you are unable to adopt a cat, donations to help cover a part of our expenses would be immensely appreciated, any even small amount would help.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

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Rocco is one of 5 siblings who were born here in August 2023 but unfortunately 2 of them died of some strange virus. He has been the strongest of them, eventually grew up inside with his 2 brothers. If possible we would like to keep the 2 brothers together after what they have been through.


Bobby is Rocco's brother, he almost did not make it when him and his siblings caught some mean virus. I took them both inside, so they grew up inside but love to play outside. He is a little bit smaller than Rocco but has no other problems. Please only adopt these 2 together, they always cuddle up and sleep or play together.


What a special girl Mokka is! An absolute beauty with her long and perfectly groomed fur. She has a very sweet character, loves attention, often also asks for it and is the happiest girl when you stroke her. She is probably 3-4 years old.


Oscar is an extremely handsome guy with his dark grey perfectly looking fur and the green eyes. His previous owners must have dumped him somewhere closeby, he was so friendly and thankful from the moment we picked him up to pet him. He is not used to being with other cats, probably stayed in a home with a dog before. All he wants is love, he is the biggest snuggler of all.


Our pretty girl and sooooo affectionate once she trusts you. She loves to rub herself against you, comes on walks and climbs up on your shoulders. She is almost 4 years old but very petite, don't let her very fluffy fur fool you. :-) With how independent she is, a home with the possibility for her to go outside would probably be best.


We don't know how old Oliver is, he showed up here in 2022 and takes his father and husband responsibilities quite seriously, He is a strong guy but also very sweet and after we got him fixed he is getting even more attached. His eye by the way is fine, it is just accumulated tear fluid that gives him problems sometimes but can easily treated with a cream.


Panda was born here in the spring of 2021. He is such an easy-going cat, does not ask for much but does like to stay inside when he is allowed. He has a very sweet character and gets along with everyone by just minding his own business. He definitely appreciates to be petted though


Fritzy is actually a girl which we discovered after we had named her. :-) She has beautiful clear green eyes, is very sweet, quite shy and used to spending the days outside with her friends. If she could she would sleep inside a lot, so she would probably be okay as an apartment cat but defnitely better with another cat or at least a dog.


Blitz is an absolute cutie. From a small age on he wanted to be near us when the others were still very timid. He was born with 3 siblings in the spring 2023 but is very independent and can be adopted by himself. He could probably easily be an inside cat, love and cuddles are the most important thing for him.


Foxy is a young gentle male cat, turning 2 in the spring of 2024. He goes his own way all day but loves to walk with us and enjoys a lot to be petted. He is very good friends with some of the other young cats (some of the older ones tend to chase him unfortunately), so probably should not be an only cat. 


Jamie was born in 2022, we always thought she was a boy, so actually named her Jimmy originally. To keep the sound similar we call her now Jamie. She is quite shy but recently started to follow us on walks. She is a bit lazy, likes to lay around a lot (would probably be okay being an inside cat only) and therefore is slightly round...


Idefix is Jamie's half brother, born just 2-3 months after her, so in the summer 2022. He is completely white except for his tail, the triangles between his ears and the small dot on his nose. He gets along with everyone and would probably enjoy getting more affection than currently possible.


We cannot tell you much yet about Helmi (the name could still be changed at this point), not even the gender since he/she has not build up any trust yet to let us get close. This is probably just a matter of time, he/she is here all the time, typically together with his/her sister or brother.